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SHILAJIT could hold promise in the management of Alzheimer's disease

SHILAJIT could hold promise in the management of Alzheimer's disease and might even prevent it if taken well in advance. If someone is genetically susceptible to Alzheimer's disease it is advisable to start taking shilajit immediately as a supplement. If you having any first degree relative (biological father, mother, siblings, grand parents) you have 30% risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. If you have 2 first degree relatives with AD then the risk could be as high as 60%. Though AD is clinically diagnosed only in someone's 60's and 70's years of age the gradual brain degeneration starts almost 20 years in advance. This could manifest like forgetfulness, lack of attention, difficulty in concentrating etc. 

 In one research at Department of Neurochemistry, University of Leipzig
Administration of Shilajit led to reduced acetyl cholinesterase (AChE) staining thereby increasing it's levels. Acetyl Cholinesterase is an important neurotransmitter and it's levels are an important indicator of cognition and memory. Lower levels indicate brain degeneration, dementia and AD. All the conventional prescription medicines to treat/manage Alzheimer's disease.

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Shilajit reviews. Which is the best place to buy shilajit from?

Shilajit reviews. Which is the best place to buy shilajit from?

Shilajit with its natural fulvic acid content is increasingly becoming a popular super food. Shilajit is a wonder mineral pitch found mainly in Himalayan Mountains. There are quite a number of places in the internet where you can buy it from. Here we give a review of few of the popular websites and the comparison.

Planet Ayurveda   -

This is a company based in India. It has a number of Ayurvedic products in its shelf. Shipping is quite fast for a company that is shipping directly from India. Shilajit concentration per capsule : 500 mg – Fuvic acid concentration – Not mentioned.

Price: U.S.$42.95  -  (This is the minimum purchase)

Review:  The Company is reputable. But the drawbacks are that there are several products in the shelf and shilajit is commoditized. The minimum purchase is U.S.$42.95 which is high. The Shilajit per capsule is 500 milligram (mg) only (though most shilajit brands offer anything from 300 mg – 500 mg). The fulvic acid concentration is not mentioned.

DABUR  Shilajit Gold
Dabur is one of the reputed companies in the field of ayurvedic medicines. Its Shilajit gold is quite popular. However you cannot buy it directly from the company through the internet. There are a number of resellers where you can buy it from. Another major drawback is that the company does not clearly mention the amount of Shilajit in milligrams per capsule. There is also no mention of Fulvic acid content. Another major reason why Shilajit Gold has to be approached with caution is the fact that this shilajit contains Gold Bhasma or mono atomic gold. Mono atomic gold should not be taken for anything more than a couple of days. 

This website basically offers Dabur Shilajit a reseller. Price wise for one bottle it is U.S.25. The shipping is free. As with Dabur shilajit it has no mention of the amount of Shilajit per capsule or the fulvic acid content. This website also claims to be affiliated with Baba Ramdev a yoga guru from India. They also have a number of Aurvedic products.

Review: The product is a resold item. Quite expensive at U.S.$25 per bottle. No mention of shilajit content per capsule nor the fulvic acid content.

Dr.Ray Sahelian.
Dr.Ray Sahelian is a well known herbalist and has written extensively on hundreds of different herbs and natural supplements. He promotes a type of Shilajit and other herbs combination mix known as Passion RX which is a mixture of Shilajit and Yohimbe. It basically meant to be used as an aphrodisiac. 

Best Nutrition products  -
The author of the website is quite knowledgeable about shilajit. They have a number of products in shelf. Each packet of Shilajit is priced at U.S.$18 and shipping cost is another U.S.$10. Shilajit per capsule is 500 mg – like most others. There is no mention of Fulvic acid content in the shilajit. You have to shell out U.S.$28 for  500 mg Shilajit capsules.

Rudramani Shilajit   :
RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT is a fairly well known brand offering Shilajit. Their main processing plant is located in India on the eastern Indian side of Himalayan Mountains (close to Dharamshala in Himachal Pardesh). The raw shilajit harvested from Himalayan Mountains is processed in the plant nearby. They have ISO 9002 Certification of the processing factory and GMP – Good Manufacturing Procedure as per WHO standards. These certificates are sent along with every order. Shilajit seems to be the only product they are dealing in so best attention can be expected.

The Shilajit content per capsule is – 1000 milligrams (mg) which is almost double of the other brands seen above. They also seem to use a patented process involving flash drying and vacuum filtration to achieve highest concentration of Fulvic acid.  They are known to be customer friendly offering individual attention. They also do surprise the buyers by offering unexpected free gifts. Currently they are offering Free bottles of Ashwagandha (Withanis Somnifera) with every order of shilajit.   Ashwagandha goes extremely well with shilajit and has a number of beneficial properties. 

 Price wise RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT is also the least expensive and pocket friendly. One packet of Shilajit – 1000 mg – 60% Fulvic acid – 1 month’s supply costs U.S.$9.99/- there is a onetime packing and shipping cost of U.S.$9 (which is fixed even if 100 packets are ordered in one go). They do shipping either from Columbus, Ohio, USA or from India. Either way the delivery is done within a maximum of 10 days.
Review; RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT seems to be the least expensive as well as offering high concentration of Shilajit (1000 mg) with 60% Fulvic acid. They also send all documents including ISO 9002 certification, GMP (World Health Organization norms) certification and a United States Food and Drug Authority prior notification (USFDA – Prior Notice) documents along with each order. A phone number where orders can be placed would have been better.
Currently we recommend RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT.


RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid


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SHILAJIT - Scientific Research, Reviews and Patents

SHILAJIT - Scientific Research, Reviews and Patents
US Patent No: 8,173,181: Method and composition for improved anabolism
Anabolism is a key factor in the process of muscle growth for athletes and body builders. Anabolism is comprised of multiple metabolic pathways, constructing larger molecules from their building blocks. Energy is a necessary part of these metabolic pathways. In contrast, catabolism is the deconstruction of large molecules into smaller ones. Anabolism is fueled by both the small molecules of catabolism as well as an energy source, such as, but not limited to, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The anabolic process and related anabolic hormones stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth. 
Anabolic reactions are synthesis reactions and are endergonic, meaning that they consume more energy than they produce. Anabolism is the process of chemical reactions that combine simple molecules and monomers to form the body's complex structural and functional components. Glucose may take part in or be formed via several anabolic reactions such as, for example, synthesis of glycogen or the synthesis of new glucose molecules from byproducts of protein and lipid breakdown, i.e., gluconeogenesis.
One way of promoting anabolism is through the use of a dietary supplement or drug. However, many anabolic stimulation compositions are illegal or have been banned from use by athletes in a number of professional, collegiate, and amateur sports. Additionally, anabolic stimulating products also generally tend to have undesired side effects that can be harmful to the health of an individual. Thus, there is a need and a demand for a dietary ingredient or composition which can promote anabolism without undesirable side effects and/or which is suitable for use by athletes.

RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid
For the most part, anabolism is increased where there is an energy source and a way to synthesize proteins and therefore build new muscle.
Shilajit moomiyo is an adaptogenic herb which can be used to enhance physical and mental performance. Shilajit is believed to amplify the benefits of other herbs by enhancing their bio-availability. Shilajit is also believed to increase anabolism protein synthesis, growth rate and/or energy intake. Suitably, the nutritional composition can include a Shilajit material or extract which has been standardized to include or contain 10% fulvic acid. In accordance with certain other embodiments, the nutritional composition can alternatively and/or additionally contain fulvic acid, humic acid, and/or another botanical, natural, or herbal source of fulvic acid and/or humic acid. 

US Patent No: 8,110,230: Phytoceutical compositions for the prevention and treatment of circulatory disorders, feminine endocrine disorders, and dermal disorders
Shilajit (Mumiyo) Mumiyo is a natural complex substance, whose active principles are carboxylic acids: (hydroxylated derivatives of Benzoic, Phenylacetic and Hippuric acids), fulvic and humic acids, minerals and amino acids. Of Mumiyo's known properties, the most important ones are its ability to reduce excessive inflammatory reactions and stimulate tissue regeneration. Oral intake of Mumiyo has been used to treat burns, trophic non-healing wounds, eczema, and other skin diseases, such as psoriasis. It has been established that fulvic/humic acids stimulate respiration and oxidative phosphorylation in liver mitochondria, increase mechanical resistance of collagen fibers, activate human leucocytes, reduce excessive inflammatory reactions, and stimulate tissue regeneration. 

US Patent No: 7,982,066: Method for chromatographic finger printing and standardization of single medicines.
Shilajit is a carbonaceous material that forms due to storage of vegetable and animal matter inside the earth for many years. Mostly due to lava floated over a forest destroying flora and fauna. This after undergoing many geological changes becomes carbonaceous material called Shilajits. It is abundantly available in Himalayan mountains of India and parts of Russia. one of the very important medicines used in Indian System of medicine Silajit, is reported to have many compounds along with fulvic acids, and is claimed to be active principle. As this medicine from bituminous source is collected from earth stored for many years, it can be seen that the more it is in stored in the earth, the more it will be therapeutically active. Nevertheless, in the entire globe, the geological variations may not produce same molecules in all samples collected from different parts of the world. Another factor that influences the chemistry of these drugs is the purification process, which also needs to be standardized.

US Patent No: 7,250,181: Polyherbal compositions and methods for treating viral infections and boosting immunity. The present invention relates to pharmaceutical or veterinary or nutritional compositions of polyherbal extracts useful as anti-viral or immune-supporting agents. Particularly, the present invention of polyherbal composition comprises of extracts of Withania somnifera, Mangifera indica and purified Shilajit.  Additionally, this composition is used for the treatment, prevention or management of immune-supporting system in primates in need, especially humans 

RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid
Shilajit is regarded as a panacea in many traditional systems of medicine, practiced worldwide. While many regard Shilajeet as a potent immunomodulator and antioxidant, very few know what are the major bioactive constituents present in Shilajit. Purified Shilajit of the present invention composed of three distinct classes of bioactive compounds: (A) Low- and medium-Mw (mol. wt.) non-humic organic compounds, comprising free and conjugated (e.g., fattyacyl, aminoacyl, lipoidal) DBPs; (B) dibenzo-alpha-pyrones chromoproteins (DCPs) comprising: (i) dibenzo-alpha-pyrones or their derivatives, (ii) phosphocreatine, (iii) chromo-peptides of molecular weights of about .ltoreq.2 KD and (iv) lipids having fatty acyl esters of glycerol; and (C) fulvic acids of low to medium molecular weight (Mn about 700 to 2,000). The fulvic acids are polymeric units of 3,8-oxygeneated dibenzo-alpha-pyrone (or derivatives) repeat units. 
US Patent No: 6,869,612: Process for preparing purified shilajit composition from native shilajit .
Rejuvenating changes in one's body can be initiated and effected by nutrition, herbs and herbo-minerals. Aging and its associated problems are a degenerative disease, which, however, is preventable and treatable. The aging process involves the action of highly reactive free radicals, produced systemically, which interact with other cellular compounds and produce oxidative damages and eventually kills cells and tissues and impairs the immune function of the organism. Such free radical damage accumulates and increases with age, creating degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's, cardiovascular, arthritis, cancer and over a hundred other diseases.
DNA, the cellular building block of the body, is very sensitive to oxidative stress. Although repairs to damaged DNA are constantly being made, the cell's mechanism cannot keep up with the number of mutations that occur in the organism, particularly in the aged. Mitochondria, the part of the cell that is responsible for producing cellular energy, has its own DNA, but it does not have a repair mechanism to give it protection against free radical induced damage. The mutation of mitochondrial DNA therefore produces a greater adverse effect than DNA mutation elsewhere in the system. Researchers in recent years have shown that certain individual natural supplements, such as omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids and metabolites thereof, oxygenated dibenzo-.alpha.-pyrones, and their O-acylesters, as well as hydroxyacetophenones and fulvic acids can protect against oxidative damage to mitochondrial DNA.
Accordingly, it is desired in this invention to provide a purified composition of bioactive agents to protect the body against free radical damage.
Native shilajit is a blackish-brown exudation, of variable consistencies, obtained from steep rocks of different formations found in the Himalayas at altitudes between 1000-5000 m, from Arunachal Pradesh in the East, to Kashmir in the West. Shilajit also is found in other mountain ranges of the world, e.g. Afganisthan (Hindukush, Badakh-Shan), Australia (Northern Pollock Ranges), and in the former USSR (Tien-Shan, Pamir, Caucasus, Ural). Native shilajit is believed to arrest aging and also produce rejuvenation, two important attributes of an Ayurvedic rasayan medicine. Considerable controversy, however, has existed in the literature concerning the nature and chemical character of shilajit. It has been variously described as a bitumen (asphalt), a mineral resin, a plant fossil, a substance of mixed plant and animal origin, or an inorganic substance. 

RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid
A particular object of this invention is to provide purified shilajit compositions having an abundance of bioactive components, particularly oxygenated dibenzo-.alpha.-pyrones (DBPs), and carrier molecules, which are low-to-medium molecular weight fulvic acids (FAs) present in abundant amounts in the composition.

US Patent No: 6,558,712:  Method of enhancing Fulvuc acid concentration in Shilajith The difference between Shilajit-based fulvic acid (FAs) and alluvial soil-derived fulvic acids lies in the core structures of the fulvic acids (FAs) in these compositions. Shilajit-FAs contains 3,8-oxygenated dibenzo-.alpha.-pyrone as the core nucleus, which, upon repeated oxidation, and Michael addition reactions by nucleophile-containing oxygen, nitrogen and carbon ions, in association with various lipid moieties, produce a multiplayer micellar structure. In contrast, alluvial soil-FAs are composed essentially of aromatic hydroxy acids and polyphenols derived from phenolic oxidations. Both these FAs contain different metal ions, especially Fe, Co, Zn, Ca, etc., associated with the FAs. The metals in Shilajit-FAs are well-organized, multicentered, metal-ion associated products which, in the case of iron, maintains the metal in the reduced state and produce different iron-containing enzymes. Such trace ion-metal associations are not possible for soil-FAs because they have a much less organized heteropolycondensate structure whose micellar structure is irregular.
Another unique feature of Shilajeet-FAs is that it is of endogenous origin produced by animal systems. These systems meet the essential need of bioavailability of trace metals and minerals, which serve as a carrier of essential nutrients in the living animal body. By contrast, soil-FAs, being exogenous in origin, do not contribute to those essential needs of animals.
Silajit-FAs also contains oligomeric (di, tri, tetra) dibenzo-.alpha.-pyrones, which scavenge free radicals and free metal ions, to become a soft-spin radical. In contrast, soil-FAs contain only esters of phenolic acids which do not have the antioxidant activity possessed by Shilajit-FAs.
Significantly, acylated DBP, with a lipid chain, are present in Shilajit-FAs; these actives behave like a liposome (polymicellar structure) which can act as an efficient carrier molecule. The phenolic acid esters present in soil-FAs do not possess these characteristics.
Thus, in accordance with the invention, the purified fulvic acid carrier constituent of native Shilajit, without toxic components, and substantially without bioactive constituents in the voids of the carrier, is provided by a defined extraction procedure from native Shilajit. 

US Patent No: 5,597,585:    Vitamin/mineral composition  A mixture of vitamins, minerals and an esoteric composition from the Far East named "Shilajit", which was a folk remedy for various disorders can treat various cellular deficiencies.

RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid

US Patent No: 5,405,613:  A composition comprising Shilajit or an extract thereof in a vitamin and/or mineral preparation. The present invention relates to the use of Shilajit or extracts thereof in vitamin and/or mineral compositions; to vitamin and/or mineral compositions containing Shilajit or extracts thereof; and, to methods to restore energetic balance or intensity, or to support or enhance a bioenergetic field in a mammal using Shilajit or extracts thereof. 
In the Eastern world, a compound known as Shilajit (silajit) has a history of use as a folk remedy for various disorders, including genito-urinary diseases, diabetes, gall stones, jaundice, enlarged spleen, fermentative dyspepsia, worms, digestive disorders, piles, epilepsy, nervous disorders, eczema, anaemia, anorexia, asthma etc. Shilajit has also been used as a tonic to help retain youthful vigour. Shilajit has been administered either by itself or in combination with certain other ayurvedic (herbal) medicines.
Shilajit is a natural exudate ejected from rocks during hot weather in the lower Himalayas, Vindhya and other mountain tracts and Nepal, or it may be a tar formed in the earth from the decomposition of vegetable substances. (See the Indian Materia Medica, pages 23 to 32 for a detailed discussion of the composition and properties of Silajit). It is a compact mass of vegetable organic matter, composed of a gummy matrix interspersed with vegetable fibres and minerals. Substances which have been identified in Shilajeet include moisture, gums, albuminoids, calcium, potassium, nitrogen, silica, resin, vegetable matter, magnesium, sulphur, iron, chloride, phosphorous, iodine, glycosides, tannic acid, and a number of vitamins and enzymes. Shilajit also contains benzoic acid, a compound which, along with its derivatives, has been used as a component of nutritional vitamin and mineral preparations. 
The present inventor has found that Shilajit over and above its nutritional and herbal content has novel energetic properties. Measurement of subtle energy changes indicate that Shilajit has a vibratory field that is substantially stronger than any vitamin, mineral, food substance or herb. Its vibratory field is also stronger than the vibratory fields of any of the known ingredients which make up Shilajit, when these ingredients are tested as pure substances from non-Shilajit sources.
The present inventor has also surprisingly found that when a small amount of Shilajit is added to a vitamin or mineral preparation, the energetic properties of the vitamin or mineral preparation are enhanced. In particular, the present inventor has found that the addition of a small amount of Shilajit to a vitamin or mineral preparation increases the energy field of the entire preparation to at or near the vibratory level of pure Shilajit.
The addition of Shilajit to vitamin or mineral preparations imparts to the preparations an energetic quality above and beyond their nutritional content. As well, the energetic quality of Shilajit-fortified vitamin and mineral preparations support or enhance a user's bioenergetic field.
The present invention therfore relates to the use of Shilajit or extracts thereof in a vitamin and/or mineral preparation to enhance the energy properties of the preparation.
The invention also relates to a composition comprising Shilajit or extracts thereof in a vitamin and/or mineral preparation.
The invention further relates to a method to restore energetic balance or intensity, or to support or enhance a bioenergetic field in a mammal comprising administering to a mammal an effective amount of Shilajit or extracts thereof. Preferably, the Shilajit or extract thereof is administered in a vitamin and/or mineral preparation. 
RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid

What is Shilajit? Where it is found?

What is Shilajit? Where it is found? 
Shilajit which is sometimes also pronounced as shilajeet or silajit or shilajitu is a thick mineral pitch found in the higher altitudes of mountains. Shilajit is a pale brownish to blackish brownish exudation of varying constituents found worldwide in sedimentary rocks of mountains. During summer months when the weather is hot in the mountains shilajit oozes out of the rocks. In India shilajeet is found in Himalayan mountains bordering Arunachal Pradesh to Kashmir and from Tibet and to Nepal. In Russia this mineral pitch is found in  caucasian mountains, Ural mountains, Altai mountains (bordering Mongolia and Kazakhstan) and in China Shilajith is found in Yunann mountains and Kunming stone forest.  The name Shilajit in sanskrit is split as  "shila' meaning rock and "jeet" meaning victory literally meaning "winner of the rocks". In other local terms it is known as "Mountain sweat"  "mountain blood" "shilaras - rock juice", "vajikaran - aphrodisiac" etc. In scientific texts it is known as Asphaltum Punjabinum. The yogis of India say that Shilajit makes the human body like a rock making it withstand the decay and destruction that comes with time and disease.
How is shilajeet formed?
Shilajeet is basically a concentration of plant life. The mountains around the world and particularly Himalayan mountain were home to rich vegetation and plant life. After their time the vegetation died and the nutrients were returned back to earth. These decayed plant life under the specific climatic conditions of the mountains and over hundreds of years formed the thick mineral pitch which is known as shilajit. the source of Shilajith is historic plant life. The formation of various nutrients in shilajit particularly fulvic acid and the   ionic minerals (which are easily absorbed by body cells) make silajit truly a wonder health supplement. 
Discovery of Shilajit
In modern times Shilajit was discovered by British explorers in Himalayan mountains sometime around 1860's. They found the monkeys in the Himalayan regions eating some substance from the rocks. It was later found to be shilajit. It was also noted that the monkeys in the Himalayan region seemed to age very slowly as was noted from their skin texture and hair as compared to normal monkeys.

RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid
Purification of Silajit
The raw shilajit mined form the rocks cannot be taken as such. Traditional purification of shilajit as done by ayurvedic doctors was to water wash the raw shilajit several times and filtered to remove the water insoluble impurities. the filtrate is concentrated by direct heating by fire or by keeping the filtrate under direct sunlight. The creamy layer which is thus formed in the heating process is skimmed several times to get pure shilajit. However modern methods of shilajit purification used advanced techniques of pulsated water cleansing,  reverse osmosis (separating shilajit through semi permeable membrane) , vaccum filtration and freeze drying. In free drying the moisture and water contents are separated from shilajit at a lower temperature itself. Subjecting shilajit to higher temperature during purification process could destroy some of the nutrients. the modern purification methods take this into consideration and uses freeze drying process. 
Shilajits odor and taste
Raw Shilajit as such does not seem to have any fixed taste or odor. It depends on the place where it is harvested. Raw shilajit could have salty or pungent taste. However  when purified could be odorless and tasteless. 
Shilajits constituents
Shilajit was found to contain fulvic acid, humic acid, albuminoids, Di benzo alpha pyrones, chemo proteins, macro minerals like potassium, chlorine, sodium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper iodine, selenium, moybdenum, sulfur, cobalt, nickel, chromium, fluorine, boron, strontium, silicon, vanadium etc. These minerals are in ionic form. These minerals have already been absorbed  and assimilated by rich vegetation and plant life. They have been returned back to earth after their time. These minerals in shilajit have high bio availability and are easily absorbable by body cells. Many of these minerals are found in trace quantities in parts per billion range. Though  these    trace minerals like chromium, vanadium etc. are not used directly by the body they are vital for many biochemical processes in the body. They act as a catalysts for various types of enzyme formation.  Fulvic acid is another major constant of shilajit. It is found in humus in the soil. It's main function is to transport the nutrients particular minerals to the plants from the soil. In mammals fulvic acid plays the main role of transporting the minerals deep into the cells. Fulvic acid seems to have that unique capacity to dilate and permeate the thick cell walls so as to transmit the minerals into the cells. 

RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid
Benefits of Shilajeet
Shilajit is traditionally used as a panacea for many illnesses in the Ayurvedic system of medicines. It is specifically advised by the traditional ayurvedic and yogic practitioners to boost stamina, vigor, energy levels, vitality, immunity and to prolong life. The Ayurvedic medical practitioners called shilajit as the Maharasa or super vitalizer. The yogis of India attributed Shilajit to many magical and mystical properties. On seeing the way shilajit helped people they termed it as an Amrit or nectar (elixir) of long and healthy life. Ancient Indian texts as old as 2000 years mention of shilajit. Some of the ailments where Shilajit was recommended by ayurvedic doctors for the treatment of diabetes, anemia, wound healing, allergic disorders, hemorrhoids, spleen enlargement, liver diseases, epilepsy, renal calculi, gastro intestinal disorders, sexual dysfunction, prostate hypertrophy, genito urinary disorders,   debility (physical and cerebral) and geriatric problems. There has been a couple research reports done as recent as 2010 which shows that Shilajit could be beneficial in the management of Alzheimer's disease and even HIV infection. 
Shilajit as Mumiyo or Moomio
Though Shilajit was predominately used by Indian ayurvedic practitioners and yogis there are many substances which are similar to shilajit (i.e.) mineral pitches found in mountains. Such substance was Myemu in Russia, mummie in Germany, mumio or momio in Persia (Iran) and Hajar -ul- musa in Arabic. It was said that the legendary invader Chengiz Khan used to take mumio for himself and the top leaders of his army used it.  In Russia it is known as Mumiyo or Mumijo. It is found in the Altai mountains, parts of ural mountains and mountains bordering Iran Technically mumiyo and Shilajit could be similar. Mumiyo was widely used by Russian army operating in extreme climates. Worldwide the popular name for this mountain mineral pitch is Shilajit. By Shilajit we refer to the the mineral pitch found in Himalayan mountains. 
Fulvic acid
RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid

Silajit has evoked great interest among scientists as many of the beneficial properties do seem to be true  to some extent. Studies were done as early as 1920's to analyze the contents of Silajit. Shilajeet was found to contain as much as 80+ minerals in highly bioavailable ionic form, di benzo alpha pyrones and Fulvic acid. The fulvic acid in shilajeet has evoked a lot of interest. Fulvic acid is a type of humic acid. Humic acid is a principal component of humic substances, which are the major organic constituents of soil. It is formed by the bio degradation of dead organic matter. Humic acid is not a single acid but it is a complex mixture of many different acids containing carboxyl and phenolate groups. While humic acid is the general term fulvic acids are essentially those humic acids which are of lower molecular weight and higher oxygen content. Fulvic acids are poly-electrolytes and have an unique property to diffuse easily through membranes. This property of fulvic acid is important as a nutrient because they are able to penetrate easily through the thick cell walls and transport the nutrients. Fulvic acid is available only in nature and many attempts to artificially synthesise fulvic acid have failed.
Humic substances in soils and sediments can be divided into three main fractions: humic acids, fulvic acids, and humin. Humic substances are formed by the microbial degradation of dead plant matter, such as lignin. They are very resistant to further bio degradation. The precise properties and structure of a given humic substance sample depend on variety of conditions including location, climate, altitude, age, method of extraction etc.. Nevertheless, the average properties of humic substances from different sources are remarkably similar. There are functional differences between humic acids, humins and fulvic acids.  Humin is insoluble in dilute alkali.  Gray humic acids (GHA) are soluble in low-ionic-strength alkaline media; brown humic acids (BHA) are soluble in alkaline conditions independent of ionic strength. But fulvic acids (FA) are soluble in all conditions independent of pH and I. This is another property of fulvic acid that makes it very useful in mammals. 
While fulvic acids can be extracted from  various natural resources the fulvic acid in Himalayan shilajit is considered the best. It is because of several reasons including the clean climatic conditions of himalayas, freezing low temperature, high altitudes, formation of humic substance over centuries, rich vegetation etc. The processing of raw shilajeet to increase the concentration of  fulvic acid is also very vital. Raw silajit when harvested could contain as little as 10% fulvic acid. Modern processing methods are capable of increasing this concentration to as much as 60% using various chemical engineering techniques like water jet pulsation, vacuum filtration, reverse osmosis, freeze drying (whereas water/moisture is evaporated at a much lower temperature itself), pulverizing etc. Shilajeet is highly hygroscopic (i.e.) it will absorb large amount of moisture from air. Hence the processed shilajit which is in powdered is normally encapsulated. This ensures the preservation of fulvic acid concentration. 
While shilajit fulvic acid can be taken in any form taking it after meals along with milk seems to be the option. Milk can be cow or soy. 
RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid

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What are the benefits of Shilajit?

In Ayurveda texts - the Indian system of herbal medicine several important medical and therapeutic benefits of shilajit are mentioned. It was recommended for the treatment of diabetes,  anemia, ulcers, wound healing, bronchial asthma, other allergic disorders, hemorrhoids, spleen enlargement, liver diseases, epilepsy, renal calculi, gastro intestinal disorders, sexual dysfunction, prostate hypertrophy, genito urinary disorders, mental debility, physical weakness and geriatric (old age) problems.

One of the widely accepted benefit of shilajeet is that of an aphrodisiac. Shialjeet is known to boost vigor, vitality and even quality, motility and count of sperm in men.  Shilajith slows down the process of aging. recently researches conducted by some universities have shown that shilajit could be very beneficial in preventing and halting Alzheimer's disease and similar types of dementia.  

It is difficult to comprehend how a single product can be effectively used to treat so many diseases. The clue of versatile therapeutic benefits of shilajit can be found in it's ingredients and mechanism of action. It contains more than 80 minerals in highly bio available ionic form and an important humic acid component known as fulvic factor. Fulvics effectively penetrate the tick cell walls and transport vital nutrients deep into cell walls.  Shilajit overall can be considered as a potent adaptogen and an immuno modulator significantly augmenting cell to cell communication.

RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid
Benefits of enhanced Learning and memory: Administration of shilajit in Albino rats enhanced learning acquisition and memory retrieval. It also improved cognitive functioning and induced significant anti anxiety effects. This action of shilajit is due to effective communication between immune system and the central nervous system. It reinforces the image of silajit as a medha rasayan (elixir to improve memory and learning)

Benefits in Alzheimer's disease: Shilajit is used in the Indian system of medicine to attenuate cerebral function deficits including amnesia in geriatric patients. Administration of shilajith in Alzheimer's induced rats caused reduced Acetyl choline esterase staining. AChE is an important neurotransmitter and Alzheimer's patients have reduced level of this neurotransmitters. Shilajit by reducing the staining of AChE increases it's levels in the brain and thereby enhances cognition and memory in Alzheimer's disease patients.  Shilajit might be a better alternative medicine to treat Alzheimer's disease and dementia as compared to prescription AChE inhibitors.
Anti stress and adaptogenic effects of Shilajeet: Chronic stress of a mild but unpredictable nature which the subject is unable to cope is clinically more relevant than acute stress. It ultimately results stress induced physiological disturbances and diseases ( called psychosomatic diseases) .Shilajit in various studies showed significant anti stress and anti ulcer effects. 

Shilajit as an anti craving agent: Smoking, addiction to drugs, alcoholism, carbohydrate (carb) craving, over eating are basically actions to escape stress by humans. It is most often not under voluntary power of the hunas to control such activities.  Agents that function as cognition enhancers and anti stress adaptogens function as anti craving agents. Shilajit and Ashwagandah (also known as Withania Somnifera or Indian Ginseng) are strong candidates for eliciting this effect. 

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Shilajit Purification Process Important Facts

Purification process of shilajit from the raw shilajit that oozes out from the rock is a very important and vital procedure. This is done to ensure that any impurities and toxic substances in the raw shilajeet and removed as well as to enhance the concentration of vital components. There are several types of purification that are commonly used we will discuss 2 of it in detail.

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In once process the raw silajit is completely mixed with water this solution is subjected to series of filtration process to remove those components that are water insoluble. These are generally considered as impurities like grains of soil etc, This shilajit solution is then concentrated by heating it in high temperature are merely exposing it to sunlight – the way salt is extracted from sea water. The creamy thick layer of shilajit that is so formed is skimmed several times to get pure shilajit. In Indian ayurvedic medical system this pure shilajit paste is fortified with several beneficial herbs like tulsi, amla (emblica) etc. to enhance its medicinal properties. In this process there is a major deficiency that has to be mentioned. Shilajeet contains many vital metallo organic compounds that get filtered out during the filtration process and skimming.

In the second method of purification of shilajit the raw shilajeet is subjected to light washings. This removes the impurities. Then neutral salts and citric acid is added in various proportions. This citric acid salt solution carries

away the vital organo metallic compounds in shilajit. This is not removed during filtration or skimming process but is retained in final shilajit product.

Nowadays the purification process of shilajit has become more complex with series of steps. Advance chemical engineering techniques of vacuum filtration, freeze drying and osmosis are used to enhance the concentration of shilajit, organo –mineral compounds and fulvic acid.

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Shilajit and weight loss. Shilajit boosts body's metabolism

With Shilajit there is absolutely no place for excess flab and fat in our body. We may have often been given the politically correct advice on reducing weight as "The only way to reduce weight is to eat less and do more physical activity". It may seem to be logically right. But there would not be around 1200 Million in the world who are obese or overweight if it was actually so simple.
 RUDRAMANI SHILAJIT  $9 only - 1 Month's supply - 60% Fulvic Acid Most of us may be wondering how is that during our teenage years inspite of having the rich food and very little physical activity we were putting on less weight. But in our mid twenties and above we tend to put on more weight, loose our stamina and energy levels even though we may be on strict a diet regime and undertake stringent physical exercise. Energy metabolism process slows down with age. This is the reason why more fat is being stored on our body instead of being converted to energy. This ultimately leads to excess body weight and decrease in energy levels with age. Shilajit effectively maintains the optimum energy metabolism. This means that most of the excess calories you consume is burned off and is not converted into fat.
Shilajit is said to cure almost any ailment - Understandably a younger body and cell can withstand and heal itself of any ailments. Any amount of words may not do justice to the wonder that is Shilajit. It is best experienced. We recommend Shilajit for all from the age of 18. If you a are a woman Shilajit will ensure that you stay in your youthful charm for a very very long time. Something which rigorous diet regime, physical exercise and any amount of beauty products cannot ensure. If you are a man it will keep your vigor, vitality and energy at optimum levels. Shilajit restores youthful vigor to the entire body.

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Ashwagandha boosts metabolism and burns fat.

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